The Miletic Center team is composed of a group of professionals highly trained in the functioning of each aspect of your body and its harmonious interplay. Whether you are an athlete, retired athlete, an executive, looking for self-improvement or improving your psychiatry or brain health, we work with you, as a teammate, to help you to be your healthiest in mind and body.

Our mission is to maximize health and performance for individuals, families, and community through functional science, psychiatry, psychology, and complete holistic mind, body, and spirit services.


Dr. Michael Miletic’s unique background as an ex-Olympic athlete combined with his Medical Degree (MD) and specializations in psychiatry and in metabolic medicine, make him a leading doctor in the United States for performance based medicine.


The Miletic Center is the only clinic with a unique team of individualized specialists who are experts in their field. Together, they work to optimize each patient’s mind and body as a whole. Meet our team of experts.


The Miletic Center is the only clinic offering for brain, mind, and body specialized and customized treatments combined with IV wellness. Our clinic is also the only clinic offering membership structures, specialized price packaging, and individualized price structures. We also offer telemedicine, which provides convenient, affordable, and readily-accessible treatment through technology.


To us you are not a collection of symptoms but a whole person we can help succeed in many facets of your life. Your neurological, endocrine and hormones, intestinal, nutritional, and musculoskeletal systems are all assessed to see how you can function at your best.

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