Event: Building a Better Meditation Practice

Why Attend? Your thoughts become your life, so learning to direct and navigate your thinking mind is an invaluable skill. A meditation practice can introduce you to an improved way of life.

Modern scientific techniques and instruments have been used to study how regular meditation affects individuals by measuring brain and bodily changes. Evidence shows favorable structural changes in the brain that reduces worry, anxiety, and depression. Meditation will help improve awareness and attention, bringing a state of mindfulness to daily activities and interpersonal relationships. Mindfulness will also result in an improved physical condition as you make connections between your thoughts and everyday actions.

What to expect: The seminar will take place in a large, informal conference room. You’ll be introduced to what meditation is – and what it is not. You’ll learn about it’s possibilities as a positive asset in your daily life, as a tool for overcoming difficult times, and how it can bring you a “bigger picture” perspective of life. You’ll hear a little about the science and current research taking place. There will be a very short, guided meditation “sample” practice. You’ll leave with learning resources as well as a realistic understanding of what it takes to build a meditation practice that will have a positive and lasting effect on your life.

Although you are under no obligation, you will have the opportunity to remain after the seminar to learn more about our host, The Miletic Center (TMC). The office is a resource for professional health and wellness services and combines mainstream Western medicine with scientifically proven alternative therapies for disease treatment, and prevention as well as health optimization and maintenance. A full list of services is provided through the website below.

Cost: Free
Date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 4-5PM
Capacity: 15 participants (Walk-in welcome but registration is suggested.) Registration: The Miletic Center at 248-593-8540

Hosted by:

The Miletic Center for Integrated Health Systems 36800 Woodward Avenue, Suite 112 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
Website: http://www.themileticcenter.com

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