It was in 2008, that Kristine started to want something more as an athlete. She had been an elite gymnast for many years, and couldn’t find anything to challenge her the way gymnastics did. She was working out in a normal gym when her sister mentioned something to her about a thing called “CrossFit”. After years of training and successful competitions, Kristine started coaching and obtaining certifications in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Kettle bells, Gymnastics and Nutrition.

    Her first hand experience with the trauma of athletic injuries and her desire to address the root causes of problems rather then treating the symptoms, has led her to become an early educator for many patients for the body and brain.

    In light of her experiences, it has given her a unique understanding of what people need. There’s no course that teaches you what going through multiple surgeries, and years of rehab feels like. This to her is more valuable than a list of certifications.

    As a Fascial Stretch therapist, she emphasizes the importance of manual therapy in practice. She has continued to develop skills in soft tissue therapy, active release, trigger point release, and strength training. Background in athletic performance and post-rehab personal training. She has an intensive knowledge of body systems. She also takes great enjoyment in training clients and athletes. Her approach to treatment is to consider the entire person; encompassing all body-systems, as well as the mental aspects of injury and dysfunction.

    Kristine offers a solution that not only heals injuries but also prevents problems from recurring. Offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to healthcare. We employ a combination of disciplines in treatment plans individually tailored to meet the wide-ranging needs of our patients.