Athletic performance is the cornerstone of what informs many of our principles at The Miletic Center. We have worked with numerous athletes in the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), as well as National and Olympic Athletes in numerous sports. Our team of professionals also have experience providing treatment at the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, NFL Super Bowl, and Track & Field World Championships.

We want to make our athletes the best that they can be. We want to understand them fully to help them reach their optimal potential. We do this by understanding, then helping them to bring out their best through mental training and mindfulness. We strive to understand their unique metabolisms, and to optimize their functioning. We are committed to our patients and trained to understand their unique tissue needs as well as their movement patterns.

Every athlete’s body is different on how it performs, recovers, metabolizes nutrients and foods and how it engages in certain types of training methods.  Allowing The Miletic Center to accumulate all the proper information for our athletes through:

Genetic testing
Specialized Blood, Testing
Urine Testing
Salvia Testing
And more

To determine:
What food our athletes should / shouldn’t consume
Nutrient deficiencies
Current and future issues
Specific supplements we can offer and create for our athletes

So we can work as a team to develop a treatment plan and create a solution to enhance your recovery, and optimize your performance within our athlete’s individual sport or externally.

We believe that these principles apply to everyone who wants to be the best and live their highest potential. We are committed and devoted to you. We want to make the best you that you can possibly be.