We live in a time that we are seemingly bombarded with a new crisis every week. Yet there is a larger crisis that goes too often overlooked, that is present every day. It is greater than all of the others, I would argue, combined.

It is the crisis of our children’s physical and mental health. Their growth, development, and well-being Is more at risk now than it has ever been

We know what is happening. Rates of childhood depression and anxiety disorders continue to skyrocket. Rates of opioid addiction follow closely behind. Dangerous behaviors from binge drinking to suicide continue to increase.

We see our children struggling to be motivated, to focus in school, and to be comfortable with their friends.

We are stunned when we hear the words “your child is on the spectrum“. Seldom is that fully explained, nor are the options for treatment and care fully elaborated upon.

We have so many labels; childhood depression, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorder,… The list goes on and on.

All too frequently, we are feeling out of control. So we try to attach a label to our children’s pain, and behavior . Quickly following on the heels of the label, is a drive to medicate, in the hopes that medication will solve the behaviors.

SSRIs for anxiety and depression continue to be over prescribed. Ritalin, and Adderall, which is pure amphetamine, have been so over prescribed that the federal government is now limiting pharmacies in their supplies month to month. An antipsychotic, Abilify, is being tossed around as an antidepressant, and is the fastest growing medication being prescribed to children. It also happens to be a medication that has permanent neurological side effects and can leave a child with permanent movement disorders.

All of these medications have dangerous side effects, blackbox warnings, are prone to abuse, and are very difficult to get off of. Yet, we continue to prescribe.

Parents care very deeply about their children. But they need new approaches. Your child is not a label. He/She is a whole person consisting of interrelated body systems and brain systems.

In fact there is nothing that goes on in your child’s body, that does not affect their brain. Everything from the food they eat, to the sleep they get, to their vitamin/mineral status, their inflammation levels, etc., have profound affects on their brains.

At the same time, everything that occurs within their brains causes changes in their body functioning.

At the same time, your child lives in a world of people. Peers, teachers, coaches, siblings, and parents also surround our children. They all deeply effect and are being affected by each moment in their lives.

We at the TMC, believe that there is much more to understanding a child than assigning a label diagnostically. We get to the heart of why your child may be struggling. We want to understand the causes, not just treat the behavioral symptoms alone.

Although medications may be helpful at times, much more is needed. Understanding your child’s emotions. Helping them to regulate painful emotions, to calm them selves so that they can focus, and therapies that are designed to help them learn how to think and deal with their thoughts and feelings are crucial. Teaching them to be independent people in the world while at the same time helping them to care for and to be cared for by others in their attachments is a cornerstone in their development.

Biologically, their nutrition, sleep, and managing stress are crucial. Maintaining their nutrient status, so that their hormones can work properly, and so that their brains are healthy are vital.

We work as a team for your child. We have specialized practitioners that deal with each and every one of these components. Skilled psychotherapists, an acupuncture specialist, mindfulness/meditation, specialized lab testing, supplement additions, customized specifically for your child, and dietary coaching are only a few of the ways that we can help achieve your goals for your children.


Our mission when it comes to your children is to help you and them, to develop Strength, resiliency, happiness, and success in the world.