To accomplish the mastery of your health, we need data. As a result, we have scoured our unique bio-scientific labs to search out the most sophisticated lab tests for every body system that has been invented.

Our bodies and brains consist of a multitude of interrelated and mutually interactive systems. If one system is our of balance, all other systems are effected.

We will find those systems with you, demonstrate the processes with the aid of the labs and help you understand your body’s integrative workings.

We than develop a treatment plan with you emphasizing full restoration of all systems. We provide psychotherapy, meditation techniques and mindfulness training. We offer neuro supplements, designed by Dr. Miletic and leading pharmacologists. To enhance brain health , we provide micronutrient from oral supplements to specially designed brain performance IV infusions.

We search every other system in your body for imbalanced causing less than optimal functioning. Emphasizing the toxic effects of stress, we have search out inflammation in the GI tract, immune systems, hormonal systems and all other toxins, violent infections, and heavy metals , lifestyle habits such as sleep difficulties, poor diet choices and living overall.

Everybody responds differently to their medications based on their own unique genetic makeup. Until now, doctors have been using a “one size fits all” approach to prescribing and dosing medications. This can lead to unwanted side effects and contribute to medication failures. Quite simply, the technology to determine how an individual patient would respond to a certain medication did not exist until recently.

Now however, The Miletic Center is pleased to offer the latest genetic testing from leading biotechnology companies. Using a simple cheek swab test, these companies examine key genes in your body to test how it will respond to medication.

Before we start you on a new medication, we can tell if you will metabolize it quickly (and need a higher dose), slowly (and need a lower dose) or if you won’t respond to it at all (and need a different medication). These tests can also help to predict certain side-effects as well as interactions with medications you may already be taking.

We believe with this approach, we can offer you personalized, data-driven healthcare that will provide you with the most effective medications based on your own genes.

Health & Wellness Test profiles and analyzes many of the variations that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health and athletic performance.

You will discover what diet and exercises are best for you, find out which nutrients you may be deficient in, and learn about your appetite and food sensitivities. Possessing the knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make informed decisions about your body and lifestyle.

Health & Wellness Genetic Test examines the following, which are influenced by your genes:

Obesity and Body Mass Index
Relative resting metabolic rate
Fast twitch muscle fiber activity
Vitamin (eg. A, D) and folate / folic acid metabolism
Addictive behaviors
Increased blood cholesterol

It also helps you better understand the interactions between your genes, diet and exercise for:

Sugar and carbohydrate metabolism
Alcohol and caffeine metabolism
Dietary fat intake and response to blood cholesterol
Lactose intolerance and bone health
Diabetes management

We are all unique genetically. Your genes can explain why you react differently to exercise regimens and essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins. Your genes also determine your taste perception, food preferences, satiety responsiveness and metabolism.