Psychotherapy is often hit and miss. Many patients have tried it and are left disillusioned.

Dr. Miletic is trained in all aspects of traditional psychiatry, including psychotropic medications and psychotherapy. However, he understands that medications only hammer down the appearance of symptoms after they have taken over.

Psychotropic medications do not work at getting to the root cause of a patient’s distress. Each one of them can have a messy side effect, each one of them is hard to taper off and stop.


It is only by looking at, and understanding, the intimate relationships between brain and body, that a patient coming in for some sort of mental or emotional distress can be fully treated. It is only by looking at how brain and body interact together, that we can truly learn about, and then finally treat causes and sources of mental distress.

Each patient is approached as a unique individual with an attempt to fully understand their states of mind. However, that is only our beginning and by no means our endpoint. Dr. Miletic begins a thorough search for any and all of the potential causes, and the potential reasons for why a patient’s therapy and medication has not worked.

Specialized labs and detailed history allows Dr. Miletic to understand that inflammation is the basis of all brain dysfunction. Only by looking at all sources of inflammation throughout your body then treating and ridding your body can we finally approach your mental functioning.

Six main sources of inflammation exist:

stress in your life
poor diet producing inflammatory cytokines
inflammation of the bowel
heavy metal presence
the presence of toxins
covert infections

Past or present, any of these can light your brain on fire. It can be a wildfire that cannot be put out with simple psychiatric medications and psychotherapy.

Dr. Miletic integrates all of these approaches. First, the body’s metabolics must be cured before psychotherapy can be effective. Medications can then be tapered and discontinued. Neuromeditation can be successful. Healthy living and a clean internal body system  serves as the foundation for treatment of any and all mental conditions. Without building a foundation, a house cannot be built.

With this approach, Dr. Miletic has weaned patients off medications, detox patients from alcohol and drugs, and treat a vast array of mental conditions from depression to anxiety to PTSD and TBI.