Consequences of infertility can be widespread and extraordinarily painful.

Advances in reproductive technologies, such as IVF, now offer much more hope to couples when available. However, as many women can attest to, the medicalization of infertility has led to overlooking the emotional pain that couples experience. This emotional distress can then in turn, make conception much more difficult.

As is well known, sexual dysfunction, marital disharmony, anxiety and depression often results from the stress involved in unsuccessful conception.

If unresolved, women who are unable to be mothers can carry this pain through a lifetime. Their lives can be changed forever, friendships disrupted, and losses of identity are not infrequent.

Current research is beginning to bear out that if a woman’s mental state is addressed during the time that she is attempting to become pregnant, and also attempting to carry her pregnancy through that important first trimester, fertility rates increase significantly.

We at the TMC have an acupuncturist that specializes in fertility. We also have therapies to address the imbalances caused by the emotional disruption of frustration caused by infertility. We have also found that the greater the psychological distress, the greater the nutritional and hormonal imbalance is can become. We offer micronutrient testing and replacement therapy to optimize all nutrients. We have specialized testing to seek out hidden pesticides, herbicides, toxins, and heavy metals that may be producing inflammation. These tests are more sensitive than typical conventional blood tests.

So, we work with you and your OB/GYN to offer a holistic approach to help you with this vital and sacred part of life. We work to restore mental, emotional, and physiological wellness and well-being to improve your chances of becoming pregnant, and successfully carrying it to term.