Back in the 1970s and 1980s, I was training very hard to make the Canadian Olympic weightlifting team. I was also an undergraduate student at the University of Western Ontario. Although I had access to some of the top coaches in the country and the world, as well as their training and nutrition programs, I realized at that time, that there was no such thing as training the mental game.

I would often be overcome with anxiety before a performance and not have a clue as to what was happening. I would underperform and leave frustrated, angry at myself, and feeling that all the training hours in the gym had been wasted when it came to missing easy attempts in competition.

I knew there had to be something more. I therefore sought out a sports performance psychologist, and together we created tools of the mental game that would later be so useful in helping me go on to win a national championship, and a silver medal in the Pan-American championships, prior to embarking to train with The Olympic team.

When I speak now to young athletes from middle school to professional, I still ask them the same questions each time. How much time do you devote per week to physical training? Then I follow it up with the question of how many hours a week do you spend training your mental game?

Most often they look at me quizzically, not even understanding what the mental game is. Over the past 30 years, I have developed working relationships with athletes performing at the highest level that have participated in the Olympic games, Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup playoffs. This opportunity has given me time and experience to be able to work with some of the worlds greatest athletes in developing and honing their mental game at the highest level.

I have now taken these techniques, and practices, and have discovered that they can be applied to everyone and anyone. From a youngster that is trying to improve his grade performance or her performance in sports, to attorneys, surgeons, and anyone in high pressure/high stress environment. And yes, that even includes us as parents.

My staff and I are able to provide advanced training in your mental game, no matter what field you are coming from. We will use the same training, techniques, and methods that I have used successfully with some of the worlds greatest athletes and performers.