Every day we are assaulted with ads promoting miracle supplements and concoctions to solve a myriad of symptoms. Much of what we see, unfortunately, are false promises.

What is true is that many people live in constant states of vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient imbalances and deficiencies. These insufficient levels can result in fatigue, mental fogginess, forgetfulness, difficulty focusing, depleted immune systems, and slower recovery and healing.

The Miletic Center identifies the optimum levels for your unique system, and then fits the proper supplements to enhance your system. ‘One size fits all’ is never a productive plan when it comes to optimizing your health status.  We use only the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade supplements to ensure your safety and effectiveness.

Whether you want to simply function at a more optimal level or you’re a high level athlete preparing for game time, supplementing with customized nutrients will help you reach your goals safely, easily and effectively.