If you have been struggling with sustainable weight loss, a personalized treatment plan from The Miletic Center may be the perfect solution. Our personalized program for weight loss takes into consideration every factor involved in your body, so that we can create a plan tailored to meet your individual goals. We understand that there are many factors at play such as lifestyle, hormones and insulin levels, mental condition and so much more – all of which we take into account when creating your personalized treatment plan. By closely aligning our plan with how your body works, it becomes easier for you to achieve success. We work on building up your system rather than concentrating on diets. Solutions often include medication, supplements and the integration of new habits and awarenesses to propel you towards reaching those desired results.

Whether you’re looking to lose stubborn weight, compete better in sports or work, or simply gain a healthier body, we work with you to help you reach your optimal health.  Some of the benefits are appearance and comfort, but the most important are the reduced risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke; reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol; and improve your well-being, immune system, energy levels, and ability to recover.

Insulin, and it’s impact on weight, has been a powerful topic in the news cycle lately.  We do actively use Ozempic and Wegovy in our practice when appropriate, along with other equally effective medications.  However, we often find that hormones, neurotransmitters, mental attitude and other factors are at play in the weight loss dilemma.  We’ll consider all the variables that impact your weight specifically, and work with you to create the most effective plan for you.

The experts at The Miletic Center, led by Nurse Practitioner Kim Erison, work one-on-one with you.  We are your partners in this goal.  We help you to develop and progress towards your personal goals by giving you the right tools to manage your best outcome.  We look forward to working with you!