It is common to think of physical injury as restricted to the location of the injury - such as the arm, the leg, or the head. However, when injury occurs, our bodies initiate an immune response that can have broad effects. Additionally, when injury occurs, communication between the injured area and the brain may be jeopardized, which can lead to long-term changes in the brain from both chemical and physical standpoints.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine treats injury as an isolated problem that can be addressed with only treatment to the area of injury. At The Miletic Center, we are experts in the brain-body connection and how injury has both local and global effects on you. Whether you have suffered a motor vehicle accident, a sports- related injury, or some other injury, we see that early and comprehensive intervention can significantly improve your long-term recovery.

At The Miletic Center, our goal is to return you to full and unfettered enjoyment of your life, as good or better than your pre-injury state.

(DS: Add statement about Dr. Miletic’s background in Olympic Weightlifting - providing a deep personal understanding of how sports injuries impact both the physical and mental state.)