At The Miletic Center, our specialized formulas of IV vitamin infusions are designed for your body’s specific needs, imbalances, and deficiencies. Imbalanced or insufficient micronutrients can cause declines in defenses against illness, immune system functioning, and brain and body functioning. Not only does IV therapy keep you hydrated, but it helps balance the vitamins and minerals in your body for optimal health and functioning.

Through unique lab tests, we study your body’s micronutrient levels and determine your need for any vitamin or mineral. Based on your results, we customize an IV solution to rebalance and replenish your body.

We also feature VitaminDrip ™ with several formulations for common complaints and discomforts that are available on a “walk in” basis.  Ask us about Hydration, Electrolyte Balance, Migraine Formula, Hangover Recovery, Calming, Energy and others.