Maintaining Brain Health & Preventing Neurodegeneration

Neurodegenerative disorders are becoming preventable.  Disappearing is the theory that, if you have “the Alzheimer’s gene” or “the Parkinson’s gene” or others, that you will develop the disease.  Modern neuroscience is discovering that these genes can predispose you to the illness, but do not cause the illness by themselves. Environmental and individual factors called ‘Epigenetic Factors’ must be present to turn these genes on.

At The Miletic Center, we identify the presence of any of the relevant genes, and then work with you to dive deeply into the environmental epigenetic switches present in your life, to prevent these genes from switching on. Some of the things we will work to accomplish may include:

  • Improving sleep patterns and optimizing sleep
  • Regulating sugar and diet
  • Enhancing physical activity in the right way
  • Reducing the negative impact of pharmaceuticals

We now have clear causative evidence, not just correlation, that these behaviors and environmental factors do indeed activate the disease genes.  This is perhaps the most important and powerful news to come out of the medical community in recent years: We truly can delay or prevent the onset of many debilitating neurodegenerative diseases.