At The Miletic Center, we team up with athletes to help you reach your highest potential. We seek to understand your unique physiology and the demands of your sport and develop a tailored program to address both your needs and the unrealized potential of your body.

The Miletic Center’s unique approach to physical balance optimizes the functioning of your body to reach high performance and endurance. We combine the physical functioning approach with mental training, working closely with you to eradicate limiting thoughts or beliefs and transform your mindset.

Whether it’s in the gym, before a game, or during off-season, we strive to help you perform and recover at your best. Through our extensive and precise treatment plans, we work as your teammate to develop tools and strategies to elevate your game, including sports psychology, performance neuropsychiatry, brain and body balance, supplement and IV vitamin infusion therapies, nutrition coaching, and more.

We also specialize in helping retiring athletes transition out of active participation. Your body becomes conditioned to perform at a high level, and when those demands are reduced, your mind and body need a new way to function. We’ll help you navigate the transition to a high performing life after professional sports.