A Personalized Health Optimization Program

The Miletic Center is at the leading edge of high performance medicine, bringing you the most advanced evidence based treatments to optimize your health and wellness.  We’re excited to introduce you to a new service called Neurophysiology Training, led by Health Scientist Rivka Pesta.

Neurophysiology Training goes beyond functional medicine, to provide personalized, results-driven health interventions that help you use your body to support your mind and brain, bringing you to your highest state of wellness, mental clarity, focus and calm.

How does it work? In consultation with Dr. Miletic, Rivka works with you to develop a personalized health optimization program including:

  • Nutrition: A personalized immuno-metabolic diet plan with specific macro profiles and nutrient consideration to meet your specific goals.
  • Supplements: Aids to your nutritional needs to serve your biological processes, helping optimize cellular energy, resilience and longevity in every system.  
  • Movement: Various forms of movement directed to your personal needs, targeting your metabolic status and goals for both brain and body. 
  • Sleep: A complete scientific approach to optimizing the most important activity for restoring every brain function and metabolic process. 
  • Mindfulness:  Tools to build self-awareness of your emotions, perceptions, thoughts, behaviors and body signals to help you take control of your nervous system.  
  • Breath Work:  Breath is the direct connection to your nervous system. Learning to control your breath, either activating or settling your nervous system as needed,  is the fastest, most effective way to transform states of mind. 
  • And more, as needed to help you reach your goals.

These skills are combined in a powerful individualized program to reach your goals in lifestyle, longevity and performance, including stress management, immunity support and discovering a higher state of wellness.

Your personalized program is a co-creation between you and our team, with shared decision making.  This approach gives you mastery.  It puts you in the drivers seat toward your own progress, which we find enhances your motivation and your commitment.  This is not passive – us telling you – rather, it is a collaboration for your optimal outcome.  This approach keeps you ahead of illness to support longevity and quality of life.  

We believe that brain – mind – body work together to create illness or wellness.  This program is an important step for you to build your foundation for health and optimal performance.

Your first session with Rivka is an assessment to identify areas of need and interest.   Then, you’ll embark on a series of sessions to learn skills for enhanced living.   Click here to learn more about Rivka Pesta. Call Christie today to schedule your Neurophysiology assessment.