Are you at the top of your game – in sport or life? Optimized Performance is our Goal.

Athletic performance is the cornerstone of what informs many of our principles at The Miletic Center. We work with numerous athletes in the National Hockey League (NHL), National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL), as well as National and Olympic Athletes in numerous sports. We have experience providing treatment at the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, NFL Super Bowl, and Track & Field World Championships.

If you are an athlete, we will team up with you to help you reach your highest potential. We seek to understand your physiological particularities and develop a tailored program that best suits your needs. Our original approaches to physical balance are targeted to optimize the functioning of your body and to reach high performance and endurance. We combine the physical approach with mental training, working closely with you to eradicate limiting thoughts or beliefs and transform your mindset.

If you are a competitor in the sport of life, or a retired athlete looking to transition to an active life after sport, we want to meet you. Our center is uniquely equipped to create an individualized program to help you reach and even exceed your performance goals. Robust energy, focus, positive attitude and accomplishment are within reach.

Functional medicine can improve performance and outcomes on a variety of levels. At the Miletic Center, we work with each patient to understand their health and performance goals and then address the relevant physical and mental factors to help them achieve these goals. Much of our work related to performance falls into one of the following categories:

  • Athletic performance
  • Mental and cognitive performance
  • Healthspan and longevity
  • Prevention
  • Optimization for specific outcomes