Kimberlee Erison, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner and Program Coordinator

Kim Erison is central to our Ketamine Infusion program, weight loss and personalized medical care, working alongside Dr. Miletic. Kim received her Doctoral Degree in Nursing from University of Michigan, her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wayne State University and her Nursing degree from Oakland University. She has worked in hospital emergency and clinical outpatient settings for many years, including Henry Ford Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital.

Kim’s approach to patient care: “I am deeply passionate about helping others be well, not just in body, but in brain, mind, and spirit too, because truthfully, if all aspects are not well or in balance, how can a person truly have wellness? I believe a key component in helping patients be well is by building an honest partnership with my patients where we work in tandem to achieve their optimal wellness.”

Kim’s thoughts about Ketamine: “Many studies have shown the incredible benefits of low dose Ketamine as an adjunct treatment for those suffering from TRD, PTSD, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, and Suicidality. Having the opportunity to utilize this treatment modality with our patients has been phenomenal! Our patients have trusted me to help them and be at their side during some of the most vulnerable moments in their treatment process. Witnessing their individual improvements towards wellness has been profoundly rewarding.”

How Kim works with her patients: “Throughout the entire Ketamine therapy process, it is my goal to ensure each of our patient’s feels safe, comfortable, cared for, and protected. In order to ensure their safety and comfort, I stay up to date on the current evidence for ketamine therapy, I work with each person individually to define goals and intentions, and I remain with them for the entire duration of their infusion. I personally believe staying at our patient’s side during the entire process is the best way to monitor their vitals, watch their individual response, know if their dose needs titrating up or down, and I am able to provide our patients with comfort or a hand to hold in the event they need it. I collaborate with Dr. Miletic for each individual patient to certify there are no contraindications for ketamine therapy, and to ensure our patients are able to receive the most advantageous integration and psychotherapy experience with Dr. Miletic.”

You’ll meet with Kim for your preliminary consultation, to discuss the therapy options and to ensure you are a good candidate for treatment.