Infusion Assisted Psychotherapy

Depression, anxiety and trauma carve trenches in how you process thoughts, experiences and emotions. You might feel like you are out of control, stuck in a place with no escape. Finally, there is good news. Science has validated a way out of this, to reset your mental and emotional processes and regain control of your life.


A Revolutionary New Path Out of Depression and Trauma

Most patients experience immediate relief that gets even better with consistent therapy. You’ll begin to feel like yourself again, and open up new opportunities for your health, energy and focus. We provide an evidence-based treatment plan customized for your individual needs and goals.


This month, you can have a free phone consultation with our program director, Nurse Practitioner Kim Erison, to answer all your questions.  Just call 248-593-8540 to set up a time.  Or, submit the form below and we'll contact you. 

All our patients begin with an intense 2-week program for immediate benefit that brings you relief from the pain that depression, anxiety and trauma have created in your life.

The beginning 2 weeks will allow both of us to know each other and create a plan for your overall best outcome. Some people stop at 2 weeks and come back when they need us. Some people use the 2 weeks as the starting point for a deep evolution of brain, body and mind, helping them discover their best life.

With over 35 years in psychiatry and neuroscience, we finally have an effective tool that works quickly and safely.  We have seen remarkable results - life changing outcomes - and we look forward to helping you.

We’re here for you.

Free Consultation

Nurse Practitioner Kim Erison will help you know if our approach can work for you, and answer all your questions.

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