Dr. Michael Miletic and Lucas Aoun talk about Trauma, Masculinity and more.


“Lucas and I got into some deep topics, and I wanted to give you more specific information to follow up on our discussion.  Please download these articles and connect with me to let me know your thoughts or questions. As always - I’m here for you.” 

- Michael Miletic, M.D.

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  1. A Conspiracy of Expediency and Profit - a brief history of how the medical establishment has turned its back on interpersonal trauma and its sufferers.
  2. What is Trauma - a New Definition, where I share my thoughts on what trauma really is, and the complex way it imprints on our lives.
  3. Recognizing Trauma and Converting it to Energy - Finding the “Why”, recognizing when it’s happening, and how the pain of trauma is converted into energy.

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