The Miletic Center focuses on personalizing diagnosis and treatment for each patient, based on how you feel, how you want to feel, what matters to you and what science suggests will be most beneficial to achieve the specific results you want.

  • Personalized diagnosis and treatment
  • Work to achieve broad and long-lasting results
  • Traditional medicine often forgets to ask “Why?”

We work with patients in pain, depression, and chronic or acute illness. We work with patients who are simply not feeling as healthy or vibrant as they once did, including retired athletes and top executives. We then move forward to optimize your health and performance, giving you renewed vitality and energy for life.

We work with you to discover why your body is not functioning at its best and address the underlying issues accordingly. So many traditional medicine strategies aim to treat symptoms without considering what is creating those symptoms.  In short, traditional medicine forgets to ask “Why”.

We do not believe in solely masking ailments with drugs for short-term effects. This “band-aids over bullet holes” approach is broken.   Instead, we are committed to determining the cause of your suffering and working to fix the roots of your problem.

The Miletic Center offers comprehensive Concierge Medicine Services for patients who desire broad and direct access to our medical team by phone, FaceTime, Zoom, text or in person. Please talk with our Patient Service Coordinator to design a program for you.

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Our approach enables us to achieve broad and long-lasting results safely, without unnecessary side effects, pain or inconvenience. We are driven by our belief that you deserve medical care that will have a lasting positive impact on your life.