Weight Loss is Possible When Diets Don’t Work

Are you tired of diets that leave you feeling deprived and exhausted?  Have you been trying to lose weight but the results just aren’t sticking? If so, it may be time to consider a different approach.

Our personalized program for weight loss takes into consideration your lifestyle, mental and physical condition, how your body processes hormones and insulin, and other important factors.

When diets don’t work, we do. Let's explore why dieting isn't always necessary for successful weight loss.

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Did you know that stubborn weight is often influenced by inflammation, insulin, and how your body processes hormones like cortisol, estrogen or testosterone?  Our program begins with a detailed intake process to discuss your current habits as well as any chronic health conditions or medications that could be playing a role in your weight gain or difficulty losing weight. We may do blood lab tests to evaluate your unique system in detail.  Then we use this data in combination with cutting-edge technology to create an individualized plan tailored specifically to your goals. Solutions often include medication, supplements, new habits and new awarenesses that make your weight goals attainable.

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Nurse Practitioner Kim Erison will help you know if our approach can work for you, and answer all your questions.

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    Meet Kim Erison, NP.

    Your personal weight loss partner.

    Kim Erison is central to our Weight Loss program, working with Dr. Miletic. Kim received her Doctoral Degree in Nursing from University of Michigan, her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Wayne State University and her Nursing degree from Oakland University. She has worked in hospital emergency and clinical outpatient settings for many years, including Henry Ford Hospital and William Beaumont Hospital.

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    Kim Erison is here for you! She’s our superstar Nurse Practitioner, an expert on approaches to weight loss beyond the diet. Set up a FREE phone meeting to discuss what is possible for you. Call 248-593-8540 now.  Or, submit the form below and we'll contact you. 

    The Reasons We Don’t Just Diet

    We believe that dieting alone does not result in long-term success with weight loss because it fails to take into account the individual needs of each client. How does your body work? Instead of focusing on the foods one must avoid, our program helps clients develop an understanding of their own bodies and how they process food. With this knowledge comes the ability to make informed decisions about what works best for you with regards to nutrition, activity level, sleep patterns, stress levels and more. We’ll discuss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy, and measure your need for hormone support.

    What We Offer That Diets Don't

    One of the major benefits of our program is that it includes ongoing support from our team of medical professionals who are here to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the entire process. We can help you stay on track even when life gets busy or stressful. Finally, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are seeing results without feeling deprived or overwhelmed by any changes you are making along the way.

    A New Path Forward

    When diets don’t seem to be working for you anymore it doesn’t mean giving up on reaching your goals—it means finding a different path forward! Our personalized program offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss that considers all aspects of your lifestyle while still helping you achieve lasting results through individualized solutions tailored specifically for you. So if diets aren’t working for you anymore then call us today and let’s talk about your goals and our solutions!

    What are the costs?

    Each person is unique - that’s one of the reasons our program works when others don’t! We don’t have a one-program, one-cost plan. At your first meeting, you’ll agree to goals and visits, and discuss what expenses are likely. You’ll have individual, one on one appointments with Kim, and phone check ins when you have questions or need a boost! We participate with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. Many other insurance plans will reimburse for your expenses.

    Questions?  Call (248) 593-8540 today.  

    Kim Erison is here for you! She’s our superstar Nurse Practitioner, an expert on approaches to weight loss beyond the diet. Set up a FREE phone meeting to discuss what is possible for you.