Big Goals & Quick Fixes

Do you want to relieve a pain or transform your life?

As a culture, we are saturated with the quick fix. The pill. The hack. The simple answer.  As metabolic and functional practitioners, we criticize (and rightly so) the allopathic medical establishment and Big Pharma for exploiting this urge. Yet as patients, most of us still crave the fix.

Nowhere is this more true than in mental health and performance.  From SSRIs to SNRIs to Benzos - what will give me instant relief? Or, which nootropic, brain hack, wearable or meditation app will bring me relief?  Yet, many people have an unsettling feeling with this. They don’t want to be dependent on pills. They also discern that to take a pill removes their agency in someway. “If I take a pill for something and it makes painful feelings go away, will I become numb?” Or, “I don’t want to be dependent on a drug”. These common refrains carry the unspoken premise that to take a pill leads to a type of weakening. “I can’t grow stronger to deal with my feelings“. 

With rare exceptions, we all have the potential for more.

This reaction to medication, I believe, belies a whisper of curiosity inside you.  What more can I be? What more is in me? These questions are manifestations of a fear: “Is this all there is?”  Together with this fear, is a wish. A wish to be more, to do more, or to have more strength.  With rare exceptions, we all have the potential for more.

What stops us from living this life we suspect is within our reach?

We have unconscious blocks.  Unconscious fears, insecurities, guiltily undeserving feelings, fear of failure, fears of loss, fear of feeling ashamed if we fail, and old patterns of inadequacy or inferiority. All present, all powerful, and mostly wired in below our conscious awareness.  These are the silent drivers of what makes us feel stuck, like failures or mediocre.

And yet, we don’t have to settle.  No matter where we are in life, we have at least one more gear - one more level we can get to.  And once there, likely one more after that.

This solution doesn’t come in a bottle or an app.  When we rely on an external crutch, we actually weaken our own internal capabilities.  Think of it as a mental and emotional muscle we fail to exercise, and then wonder why its not strong.  We are complex beings, and the way forward has to touch the body, brain and mind.  That is at the heart of an integrated medical approach.  We teach you to transform the power of your unconscious into purposeful action.   Harness the power of your unconscious - stop letting it blindly drive you.  Learn the signals your body is sending - and put them to work for you.  And then, optimize your brain and body with the right tools and skills for you - nutrition, supplements, breath work and more.    There are so many great supplements and tools available to us today, but they can only play a small part to support the larger process of owning our own lives.

Sorry to say, there are no shortcuts.  Now, what will be your choice?

When you are ready, this is what awaits you.  We’ve developed a protocol through years of clinical practice and scientific evaluation.  It starts with a full reading of your neurotransmitters, hormones, and more, far beyond what you’ve seen before.  We dive into how your body processes hormones, sugars, cortisol, and that tells us about your brain and your body.  Your conscious mind may think you’ve got things under control, but your body, your choices, your relationships, your level of satisfaction in life, your satisfaction in your work- these will tell the real story.

This orientation toward discovering your complexities tells us where you are depleted, what your unique system needs that it is not getting, and sets a path for physical and mental optimization.   We spend hours discussing the details with you, and then join you in lifestyle and therapy work in conjunction with expert coaches.  We work individually with you on each step to bring you from ‘just okay’ to ‘never better’.  The depth of the work depends on your unique goals.  Our purpose is to help unlock the mysteries of the unconscious and put the power of it in service of your life‘s purpose. This can preempt a whole array of potential physical illnesses and alter your future path for the better. It also means discovering physiological, mental and physical systems, neurological pathways, and neurotransmitters, that you have no idea are influencing your health, wellness, and longevity. And then, learning how to control and be in charge of them.

This is a unique medical model that goes completely contrary to our existing healthcare models.  The rewards are life changing: through this approach, you are empowered to live your best life in any way that you may define it.  

As always, we are here for you.  Contact Us.