Neurosomatic Therapy: Can Massage Make a Profound Difference in Your Health & Immunity?

In a word – Yes.  Neurosomatic Therapy is massage – but better than you’ve ever experienced.  This is body therapy as part of an integrated plan for your total health.

Integrative Top Down Bottom Up Approach

We are disrupting the broken traditional medical model by fully integrating body, brain and mind into your treatment plan.  A healthy balanced body allows for a healthy brain which then supports a strong resilient mind.  This is “Bottom Up” – starting from the physical. This includes massage, IV infusion, nutrition and exercise.  At the same time, mindfulness and calm, focused attention allows for the brain to fully function, sending signals to the body for its best performance.  This is “Top Down” – starting from the mental.  This includes mindfulness training, meditation and psychotherapy.  We have assembled an impressive team to work together toward one goal:  helping you find your best life.

Gary Bergman, LMT returned home after nearly 20 years in New York as a national and state Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).   He joins our practice to provide Neurosomatic Therapy.  NST is a goal oriented, body-based integration of localized and systemic bodywork to enhance your quality of life.  Gary works to restore the balance between the body and mind, to positively change your physical and mental state.  This can enhance recovery and release stress and trauma stored in the body. Many of you know Gary from his work at Equinox Fitness Centers.  I am excited for you to meet this uniquely talented professional.  He has helped many of my patients, friends and family with outstanding results.    ‪

I encourage you to meet Gary and see how stress in the body can be relieved and what a difference it makes in calm, clarity of mind and focus.

Because many of you are new to this type of therapy, for the next few weeks we are offering an introductory package of 4 visits for the price of 3.  If you’d like a phone consultation with Gary prior to setting an appointment, he’ll be happy to meet you by phone.  Call Christie to schedule at 248-593-8540.

As always, I'm here for you.

Michael Miletic, M.D.

COVID Safety Measures: we offer massage appointments in office using N95 masks, in-room UV-C air filters, thorough cleaning between each appointment and disinfecting protocols.  We are limiting the volume of appointments to ensure plenty of distance, circulation and cleansing. Every patient is pre-screened for exposure, symptoms and temperature, and masks are required at all times in our offices.  Thank you for helping to protect the health of our patients and staff.