The Mental Healthcare System Is Broken – Patients Deserve Better

Let’s cure the Big Pharma stranglehold on our mental healthcare systems.  It’s time to break the cycle and put real science to work in service of our patients.

By any measure, the system is broken. Traditional models of neuropsychiatry are inadequate in the face of escalating levels of depression, suicide, addiction and brain deterioration.  In collusion with big Pharma and insurance companies, these models label, stigmatize and even humiliate people in pain, driving them further from the treatment they deserve.

I work with my patients in a deep, individualized way that has, at its forefront, the aim of balancing the mind, brain and body.  This approach sees the brain as blocked from reaching its full potential by a combination of psychological, biochemical and/or metabolic imbalances. It recognizes that all physiologic systems in the body are continuously affected by the mental state, and conversely, that mental states are under the constant influence of cellular and metabolic conditions in the body.   My patients are not just relieved of symptoms, but the goal is to build their brains to give them an edge that they otherwise have never experienced.

By focusing on the cellular aspects of brain protection, reduction of inflammation, and metabolic process enhancement, then cognitive enhancement, affect regulation and brain protection becomes the goal. Brain performance and protection against aging in a multi system way becomes possible. This is not done in a simplistic “bio hacking” or “neuro hacking” way, but rather, must be embedded in a relationship of compassionate inquiry, creating an environment where the patient is understood in new ways.

Specifically, the patient is approached in the following way:
  1. A full functional Neuro psychiatric assessment consisting of questionnaires, a face-to-face interview and any necessary genetic testing.
  2. Full blood labs are performed detailing hormones, inflammatory status, immune status and vitamin/mineral micro nutrient status.
  3. Neurotransmitters, both activating and calming, are measured along with mapping a 24-hour cortisol response.
  4. Full diet and exercise evaluation is performed through questionnaires and face-to-face interview.
  5. Engaging the patient as a teammate who contributes to development of a treatment plan,thus empowering them to own their progress. Through this, we proactively flip the switch on the passive approach of “sick medicine“.
  1. Customized stress reduction techniques including mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture and engaging the patient in mentalization – being able to read one’s own mind and use one’s emotions in a decision making capacity, rather than experiencing emotion as bad, sick or embarrassing.
  2. Hormone, inflammatory, micro nutrient support.
  3. Peptide and SARMs therapy
  4. Infrared Neuro feedback
  5. Psychotropic medication – only as adjunctive support, only as absolutely necessary. This approach will offer tapering off of psychotropic medications that present a panoply of side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

With this program, Neuroplasticity, mental performance, and physical optimization becomes the goal.