4 Keys to Immunity & Coronavirus

As a Functional Medicine Specialist and Neuropsychiatrist, my focus is solely to support your continued good health, be a source of truth and debunk any misinformation coming your way. Please use us as a resource for preventive information, immunity boosting services, and help strengthening your physical and mental health.

Four important things to share today:

1. This is not the flu.

While you’ve heard it compared to the flu, the mortality rate is 20+ times higher than flu. Cases are doubling every 3 days – so Oakland County’s 9 confirmed cases will be 18 early in the week and 36 late this week. Even if you or your children have a very mild case, you are likely to spread it to many others during your active symptoms, unless you completely isolate the moment symptoms arise. Treatment for severe cases requires hospitalization in the ICU; while the US has 45,000 ICU beds, the current projection is that if we do not slow the spread, demand for ICU beds will exceed 200,000. This could overwhelm our healthcare system if we don’t take precautions now. Stop comparing this to the flu and be suspicious of those who do!

2. This is not limited to the elderly or immunity-compromised.

With over 5,000 deaths worldwide, certain trends are starting to become known. In Italy, there has been a big increase in severity and death in those aged 30-40 years. Why? People who take NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) are at greater risk. Popular NSAIDs are Motrin, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex, and Aspirin. These artificially reduce inflammatory molecules, so when the viral storm hits, your own body’s inflammatory system explodes – creating a far more severe outcome. Upshot? Stop taking any NSAIDs immediately. Tylenol is a safe alternative. Call us if you have questions about your medications. (1)

3. We are not helpless – there are effective steps to take now.

Beyond the 5 steps we laid out in our Coronavirus Preparedness Plan, we are honing in on more effective immune supplements that directly address this virus. Among them, IV Vitamin C is being shown to be effective in studies in China, and Peptides are useful adjuncts. Appropriate use of A, D, E, Zinc, Selenium and Glutathione in specific doses and delivery systems can also be helpful, when calibrated for your specific body. Call us to get started with these important immunity boosters.

4. Your mind will help you – or hurt you now. It’s 100% up to you.

What is not being discussed in the press is the massive mental health challenge this is causing. Pandemic Induced Stress and Anxiety is an enormous pressure on all of us, coming from both external sources (job security, school closings, economic uncertainty, isolation) and internal sources (health itself, catastrophic thinking, fear of the unknown, uncertainty about our futures). Concerns that were small before can become overwhelming. These are not irrational feelings, and likely will be with us for many months or years. As you know, high stress depletes our immune system and makes us physically more vulnerable. We are 100% in control of how we handle our stress. Our main job now is to find peace in the midst of crisis, so our minds support our overall health, functioning, happiness, family dynamics and more. That’s our mission.

We are making more time available for both Skype/Facetime sessions and in-office consultations and therapies (for those without any symptoms in their family). We’ll be shifting many patients to Skype for the health of all concerned. Now is the time for emotional regulation, staying present, and shifting focus to our mental health.

We are here for you – lean on us during this time.

Michael J. Miletic, M.D.


(1) Multiple sources support ending NSAID use.  The French Health Minister went on record Saturday recommending that NSAID users stop and replace with (Tylenol) or non-NSAID pain reliever. ARTICLE